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Lasik Effect on Cornea

Lasik is a commonly used surgical method for correcting many a refractive errors. Through Lasik The Corneal tissue shape is altered so as to correct the vision impairment problems. Lasik is much sough after as the surgical procedure in itself does not take too long and the healing process is also fast. The pain involved in the procedure is also minimal. It is a surgery which involves very high precision and the carving of the corneal tissue is very fine. Whatever the kind of vision problem, altering the corneal shape is a practical solution. In case of abnormality in the corneal tissue it is possible that some complications may arise during Lasik. Lasik is advancing at a very fast pace and is a good surgical option but there are also certain complications that may arise.

A corneal infection is a possible complication of Lasik. Corneal infection because of a Lasik surgery is not a major problem. Corneal infection is a more common problem in other PRK surgeries and less so after Lasik. Although the corneal infection after Lasik does not have any long term impact on the eye, the only problem is the slight discomfort that the patient would face. The healing process also slows down with such a complication.

Corneal Haze is also another potential problem that may occur after Lasik. It is not unusual for corneal haze to develop after Lasik as it is a potential problem after any sort of refractive surgery. The corneal haze does not affect the final vision of the patient. This problem can only be seen by the ophthalmologist under a microscope. But there have been instances where the corneal haze has shown to affect the final vision of the patient. If this condition is detected then the patient would need a second surgery to correct the problem. A point to be noted is that the chances of ending up with corneal haze of excessive nature are higher in PRK surgeries than in a Lasik surgery.

Another effect of Lasik on the cornea is the Halo effect. This becomes a problem when bright light hits the eye. A faded image is seen around the actual image. This happens due to the image being produced by the untreated portion of the peripheral cornea. A further potential problem is if the corneal flap is distorted in the healing process; then this can affect the shape of the cornea. There are many a problems that can affect the cornea in a Lasik but most of them can be corrected and there is no reason to be alarmed. Lasik is a very much preferred solution for eye problems.

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