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How to Improve Eyesight

Vision is one of the best gifts granted to us. We tend to take this for granted. When our eyesight starts giving trouble that is when we realize its value. Like exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body, the same is true for the eyes too.  The eyes can be affected by many problems astigmatism, color blindness, cataract, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and various others. Many of them would have to be treated with oral medication, surgeries or other methods like use of external aids such as spectacles and contact lenses. Having said this it is also true that many types of eye problems can be avoided to a large extent by taking care of the eyes and many problems can be corrected with methods used to improve eyesight. Blessed are those who have good Eye Sight. But the others need not worry as eyesight can be improved to a certain extent by following some simple tips. Some eye exercises which would help in distressing the eyes and improve eyesight are given below:

1.  Sit in an upright position and rub your palms till they become warm and then hold it against your closed eyes. This will help in relaxing the eyes. Practice deep breathing while doing this exercise. Repeat it a number of times.
2.  Rolling your eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise helps the eyes. Remember to blink in between every repetition.
3.  Focus on an object close to you for sometime and then look at an object that is beyond it. Now again focus on the object close by. This helps in focusing on a close object, shifting focus and then again focusing close by.
4.  People who tend to watch too much of television or those who work long hours using the computer also face eye problems. It is important to look away for sometime every half and hour and focus on some object far off. This reduces the strain on the eyes.
5.  A healthy diet also plays an important role in shaping your eyesight. A diet rich in Vitamin A, C and E helps in reducing the chances of contracting cataract or being affected by eye problems like macular degeneration.

If the exercises are done regularly and a balance diet is maintained one can to a large extent maintain good eyesight and improve Eye Sight that has just started giving trouble. The exercises mentioned do not consume much time and can be accommodated in any busy schedule. A little time spared for your eyes will go a long way in having good eyesight.


Eye Care & Vision Problems : What Is Done in an Eye Exam?

Retina and Lasik

The retina can be said to be a very vital part of the eye and also the most complex. Retinal problems increase the complexities in case of refractive surgery. A refractive error along with problems of the retina is possible in which case vision loss increases. In such cases refractive surgeries help in rectifying the problem even if it is only for a short duration. Lasik surgery results in increasing the intraocular pressure for a while which is not suited for most patients with retinal problems. Given below are a few instances of retinal problems and correction options.

Macular Degeneration: The center portion of the Retina is known as macula and its degeneration is known as macular degeneration. Patients suffering from this disorder lose central vision but retain peripheral vision. Lasik increases the pressure in the eye and is not a favorable option.

Myopia leading to Retinal Detachment: The chances of retinal detachment are high in people suffering from myopia. Pressure in the eye pulls the retina which may lead to its detachment. Higher the intensity of the near sightedness, greater is the chance of developing retinal detachment. Refractive surgery is the recommended mode of treatment for severe cases of myopia. Lasik is not a recommended option for such patients as retinal detachment may occur due to the pressure in the eye during Lasik surgery. Chances of retinal detachment is higher is those patients where the risk already exists. Other refractive surgeries such as PRK would be suitable in such instances.

Diabetic Retinopathy: is a condition which affects diabetic patients where the vessels supplying blood to the retina get damaged. Lasik surgeries which involve the use of suction rings may cause more damage to these blood vessels and is best avoided. Refractive surgeries that do not increase the intraocular pressure are a more suited option but for some patients surgery itself is completely ruled out.

Ocular Histoplasmosis: is a condition that develops due to a kind of fungus. Scarring and also inflammation of the retina are the complications. But in many cases this may not affect the Vision to a large extent. Lasik surgery in such cases is not recommended as it can lead to choroidal neovascularization.

Retinal problems can be of various different types and the treatment options also vary. Wherever refractive surgery is an option Lasik is least recommended. The increase in the eye pressure due to Lasik is further damaging to the retina. Therefore, ophthalmologists rarely recommend Lasik surgeries in retinal complications.