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All about eyesight

The 20/20, is a term one would have heard so many times when it comes to discussing eyesight. What exactly is a 20/20 vision? The clarity of one’s vision is usually tested at a primary level using a Snellen eye chart. The standard method of reading the chart is from a distance of 20 feet. A 20/20 vision indicates that the person can read the chart from a distance of 20 feet and this is what is visible to a person with normal Eye Sight from 20 feet away. The same can also be termed as 6/6 vision when the distance is calculated in meters. Though 20/20 is labeled as the perfect vision one can have eyesight which is above that. The maximum clarity till recently was thought to be vision which is 20/10 but most recent studies have shown eyesight better than 20/8. There are birds such as hawks and owls which have visions that are much sharper than humans. Birds like hawks are said to have a vision which is 20/2.

There are many who do not have the so called perfect 20/20 vision which is considered most favorable by physicians. People suffer from many an eye problem like near-sightedness, far sightedness and complications such as astigmatism. 20/20 cannot be said to be the perfect eyesight but just a measure that is considered normal. It actually is only a way of denoting the vision acuity from a particular distance. It is only a basic measure of vision. But there are various other factors that affect the visual ability of a person like the side or peripheral vision, perception of depth, coordination of the eyes, the ability to focus and the color vision. All these factors together contribute to the actual visual ability of an individual.

Persons suffering from many vision problems can get the same corrected by the use of glasses or contact lenses. Some people also suffer from eye diseases which can be treated with ocular medication. A comprehensive eye examination can determine the exact problem and the necessary treatment option can be adopted. A very popular way of treating many an eye problem today is the Lasik surgery. The laser surgery is very effective and has proved beneficial to many and a large number of those who suffered from vision complications have been blessed with a 20/20 vision and Lasik surgery has proved to be beneficial and a boon to many.